LED Dancefloors

UVD has a fantastic range of LED dancefloors available for rental. Each dance floor is comprised of coloured tiles and as such can be arranged in to fit any location. You can even arrange our LED dancefloors as LED walkways instead, which makes them ideal for weddings, proms or special events.

Our white LED dancefloor is the most popular and a fantastic option for weddings. We also have red LED dancefloors which are ideal to be laid down as LED walkways, ideal for that ‘red carpet’ effect for wedding receptions or similar events. Our black LED dancefloors are ideal for darker venues, as this places more focus on the LEDs, turning the floor into a glimmering starscape.

Want to be different? Then why not go for the black and white combi LED dancefloor. This alternates our white and black tiles to give you best of both worlds. The combi can be laid down in black and white rows or in a chequered effect.

Our LED dancefloors are made with an exterior plywood base. The floor is mounted on aluminium battens, which give a ‘sprung’ effect and lock the floor panels securely together. They CANNOT split apart in use.

The ramped aluminium edging is wheelchair friendly. Standing one inch high on aluminium battens ensuring every joint is supported and leaving no weak corners. No wiring loom required, panels connect to each other as they are laid, and power is supplied to the floor through a special piece of edging for a tidy connection to the power supply

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