Chequered Starlit Dancefloor

Our Chequered black and white starlit floors are ideal for adding style and class and a traditional feel to any event. Chequered starlit are typically used for Marquees, Discos, Weddings but are especially good for themed events.

There are many occasions where a dance floor takes pride of place, a dance floor gives weddings a special finishing touch. The hire of chequered black and white starlit floor is a popular and flexible choice.

Our LED dancefloors are made with an exterior plywood base. The floor is mounted on aluminium battens, which give a ‘sprung’ effect and lock the floor panels securely together. They CANNOT split apart in use.

The ramped aluminium edging is wheelchair friendly. Standing one inch high on aluminium battens ensuring every joint is supported and leaving no weak corners. No wiring loom required, panels connect to each other as they are laid, and power is supplied to the floor through a special piece of edging for a tidy connection to the power supply.

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